The PS3 community is about to take to the streets with torches and pitchforks. Since last Wednesday, Sony's PlayStation Network has been completely out of commission. No trophy syncing, no Playstation Store, and most damaging of all, no online multiplayer.

This really could not have happened at a worst time. There were three big releases last week for PSN users, Mortal Kombat, Portal 2, and the only can truly be experienced online shooter Socom 4. There are literally thousands of gamers who have eagerly been waiting for the next generation follow up to the Socom series, and now that it has finally arrived, it can't be fully enjoyed. The outrage must be infuriating. Many gamers planned their whole weekend ready to take out enemies online, and now that time is gone.

Hope the Socom 4 campaign is good.

So why is PSN down? Well, Sony is being very vague about details. We don't need to know the ins and outs to what's exactly going on, but I feel since most of us dropped $300-$400 dollars for the system, spent countless more to setup our entertainment system around it, and we consistently buy items off of the Network, we have a right to know. Basically, what's the problem, and how long before it can be fixed? What about the consumer who preordered something before this whole debacle started? Do they get a refund? Sony has a lot to answer for right now.

That amazing co-op experience will have to wait .

We understand that this outage is not Sony fault. Heck, their losing thousands by the minute, so they can't be feeling too great right now. But we as consumers deserve better. Can Sony make it up too us? Maybe a coupon for a free game from PSOne classics? Maybe a pass to access Playstaion Plus for a week?I know it may seem like I'm asking for a lot, especially considering PSN is a free network, but when I paid for my PS3, it included access to PSN. I guess though, you get what you pay for.

What can Sony do to make this up to us? Leave a comment below.