Alright guys, just got back from Comic-Con in NYC. Got to check out a lot of exclusives titles as well as other entertainment media. But I'm here to tell you about what I saw and what I think about what's coming up in the next couple of months.

First and foremost, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is just awesome. Watching the game your computer screen (even in HD) doesn't do the game justice. The colors are so vibrant, the action runs at a smooth 60 frames per second, the sound is crisp, and the gameplay (while not as fast as MvC 2) is furious. This was the game I was dying to see at the show, and it sure did not disappoint. Spring 2011 can not come soon enough.

The revamped and rebooted Goleneye007 for the Wii was also present and I gotta say, I'm not impressed. Now before I got killed on the message boards, know that I loved Goldeneye for the N64. It's the reason I bought one. However, if you were to throw on Goldeneye right now, you'd realize how dated the gameplay is and how limited the multiplayer options are. The game looks and plays like 15 year old game. With Halo Reach, Medal Of Honor, CoD: Black Ops, Bad Company 3, and Rage coming, I suspect Goldeneye will be lost in the shuffle.

Captain America: Super Soldier was next, and boy was I disappointed. The Sega developed and published title just looks unexciting and boring. It looks like your basic action-adventure title with nothing really standing out. A couple of bad guys come through, Cap beats them,does some platforming, rinse, wash, and repeat. I know it's a game that's still a year off, but with Sega recent track record with licensed games (Iron Man 2 makes me cry), I'm not holding on to much hope. If you think action game, you think God Of War, Devil May Cry, or Ninja Gaiden, and Cap looks like he won't even be able to hold a candle to those games.

Overall Comic-Con was a great show that showed games with promise and games that just look plain bad. Visit VGP throughout the week for more updates, including me playing MvC3.