Been a while since I've bought anything that had the title “Collector's Edition.” Not since Street Fight 4 and that's only because I wanted the movie Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind that came along with it, not even for Halo Reach Collector's Edition and Halo is one of my top 5 favorite games of all time. But for those who do the collectors thing and your a fan of Tron then the Tron: Evolution Collector's Edition should be at the top of your list this Christmas. Fans who are willing to part ways with $129.99 (nah' I'm good on that) will get that fly Light Cycle, which I was such a fan of in the original movie and this one looks ten times tougher.

Tron: Evolution takes place before Tron: Legacy, so it makes sense that the game comes out a full ten days before the movie hits theaters on December 17. It also makes sense that the game will come packaged in a limited Collector's Edition, packed with a gorgeous replica light cycle model complete with attractive display case, courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles.

As much as I'm a fan I'm gonna have to pass on the Collector's Edition, but for what it's worth (no pun intended) the model does glow, and contains a drawer for the game itself. You can keep repeating that to yourself when until the time comes to justify paying $130 for a toy.