In this day and age of gaming, it is hard to be original. The market is dominated by sequels to the most popular franchises. Considering that some games cost as much as movies to make, it's not hard to understand why developers don't want to spend millions on a game and won't reap any benefits. The gaming community may cry that they want more original games, but in reality we want to buy a product and feel comfortable with it. Sequels are the standard in games now (ask Activision). Now many believe the 1st in a series is usually the best, but I have composed a list of entries that once played, you can never go back to its predecessor.

5. Soul Calibur

Many people don't even realize that Soul Calibur wasn't the first in the series, even though it was followed with many numbered sequels. Soul Edge was released in 1996 on arcades and a year later on the Playstation (under the moniker Soul Blade). It features favorites like Mitsugurgi and Voldo , and the ability to have your weapon destroyed if you blocked too much. The Soul Edge was a fine offering, Soul Calibur was superior to the original in every way. Faster gameplay, improved visuals, more character diversity, and a better soundtrack made you never wanna touch the original again.

4.Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

The Tony Hawk franchise took the world by surprise by featuring solid graphics, fun mini missions, and excellent skate park design. While the original is hailed a PS1 classic, it was it's sequel that really moved the series forward dramatically. While THPS 2 featured the usual improvements, it was one move they added the increased the depth substantially: the manual. The ability to link combos from railsĀ  as you skate was a huge addition. Thousand point scores went to millions, and unfortunately the series would find it's peak here.

3. Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. single-handedly saved the video market after the crash of 1983. So how could Nintendo follow up it's classic? By releasing another game and replacing it with Mario characters. Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic was used in place of the original SMB2, because America felt that the original was just a harder version of Super Mario Bros. (they were right essentially). So we wouldn't get a true sequel until Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in 1990, but boy was it worth the wait. Colorful and vibrant visuals, new power-ups (Tannoki suit FTW), different boss battles, this game had it all. Now I personally thing Super Mario World is better, but the jump from 3 to World wasn't as dramatic, so SMB3 gets the nod.

2. Super Smash Bros. Melee

During the last cycle of N64 games, the original Smash Bros. was released and surprised many. Featuring all of the Big N's marquee franchises, players were beating on each other for hours on end. However, when Nintendo decided to launch the Gamecube with no Mario title, it needed another cash cow to milk. Super Smash Bros. Melee was released abot a week after the Cube, and sleepless night endured for many. Add 14 characters, a slew of new stages, mini-ganes, and some of the best visuals and music the system could offer and you have a certified classic. Have you even tried going back to the original after the magic that was Melee.

Oh yea……Brawl is better though.

1. Street Fighter II

Have you ever player the original Street Fighter? Seriously? Was Street Fighter II the first one you played? Case closed.

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Sequels That Are Superior To The Original

  1. In games, unlike movies, sequels usually get better with time. Consoles use sequels of marquee games like mario to show off the new systems capabilities. Metal Gear is also another example of this.

    Here I will add to the list;

    Legacy of Kain; soul reaver
    GT 5
    mario64(the first game i played that allowed me to walk, run, or jog via analog stick)
    Metal Gear

    1. Soul Reaver and Legacy Of Kain are kind of different games so I wouldn’t put them together.
      Gran Turismo 5 took 100 years to come out. The last GT was on PS1 so thats kinda unfair
      Super Mario World>>>>>Mario 64
      People could still enjoy San Andreas and Vice City over GTA 4
      Nintendo tech can’t compare to PS tech

  2. I’m trying to put this in the nicest way possible………this list is rubbish. None of those games, except for Smash Brothers, are any good. Here are a few much better examples:

    God Of War 2
    Uncharted 2
    Final Fantasy X
    Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain
    Jak II: Renegade
    Gran Turismo 5
    Assassin’s Creed 2
    Pokemon Gold/Silver

    While we’re on the subject of Gran Turismo 5, you seem to be shockingly misinformed about the series. GT5 took 6 years to develop, not 100 and the last main GT game was not released on the PS1. The last main GT game was GT4 on the PS2 in 2004 but if you want to be specific there was also Gran Turismo 5: Prologue which released on the PS3 in 2008 and a Gran Turismo PSP version which launched in 2009.

      1. Final Fantasy games shouldn’t count because each one bring so much difference that they are their own beast.

        God Of War II was leaps and bounds over God Of War. Both are nearly equal in quality.

        Uncharted 2 is a good choice, as is Assassin’s Creed 2.

        It’s obvious you didn’t understand the point of this article

      2. No, I didn’t play either of them for more than 10 minutes. They were both rubbish.

  3. I disagree with some of your list Tom

    In my opinion Final Fantasy X sucked compared to Final Fantasy IX. No world map, annoying teen angst characters and too linear. Tidus was too whiny.

    Good list author.

    I would add in Assassins Creed 2 and Uncharted 2

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