We all that the Call Of Duty franchise is known for its players who enjoy sitting out of the main battle and just plopping down by a door and waiting. For better or worse, camping is very prevalent in the franchise. Now some may claim that they don't want to screw up their kill/death ratio. However most are doing it for the ever loving killstreaks. Ever since Call Of Duty 4, killstreaks have become a very important asset in the series, so I decided to make a quick list of MY top 5 killstreaks of the series.

5. Radar/UAV/Spy Plane

Now I know a lot of y'all was expecting the higher number streaks on this list, but truth be told, this is easily one of the best streaks in the game. The fact that you know where the enemy is and you're able to set  up ambushes is just remarkable in itself. Sure, UAV Jammer, Cold-Blooded, and Ghost nullify the effects, but it is rare that a more than 2 or 3 opponents have it equipped. It is also one of the few killstreaks that helps out the whole team as opposed to just 1 individual.

4. Chopper Gunner/Gunship

It was debated whether or not the regular Attack Choppers, the Pave Low, or the Chopper Gunner should be on this list. The general consensus is though that if the Gunner knows the spawn system of the CoD games, they would be able to shoot down their opponents as they spawn, therefore the Chopper Gunner/ Gunship gets the vote. This killstreak can turn the tide of a match. It's hard to protect the B flag when you have a hail of bullets raining down from above. On the other hand, it's easier to plant a bomb when your air support is so strong. Truly a game changer.

3. AC-130

Yes, this is better than Chopper Gunner! Between the three different ammo types, the overall chaos it causes, and the fact that it can't be shot down with guns and it has 2 flares, meaning it is a beast to take down. The main blast, a 105 mm howitzer, has essentially the same blast radius as a Predator Missile. It is by far the most devastating and destructive killstreak out of any CoD game.

2. Attack Dogs

When I hear “enemy dogs incoming”, my first thought “oh sh*t, time to camp”. The dreaded dogs, who apparently have poison teeth because one bite kills. Sure you can kill them, but doing so usually gives away your position and chances are, there is another dog coming right behind it, about to rip your throat out. They run through buildings, they know how to climb ladders, they flank around you……hell, they're probably flying the gunships too.

1. Blackbird

The SR-71 Blackbird is by far the most effective killstreak in all of the CoD games. Essentially an upgraded Spy Plane, it shows the enemy postion, which way they're facing, and if they are firing or not. Ghost Pro doesn't nullify it and it can't be shot down. Essentially, there is almost nothing you can do about it. Counter spy planes are a great counter for it, but they can be shot down. Also, decoy grenades emit a red arrow and can confuse the Blackbird players. Once it's called, you're best bet in to pucker up, and kiss your a** goodbye. Watch a whole team get their killstreaks going, because you're going to get killed.