Forget everything you knew about Lara Croft.

Video games sexy heroine is back and it looks like she's getting a fresh new look. Crystal Dynamics is doing a reboot of the beloved Tomb Raider franchise and it seems that their first effort will be a origin story. A much younger and more rugged Lara Croft will grace the cover of next months Game Informer, in which screenshots and more of her story will be revealed.

This is a reboot I can agree with. As opposed to completely changing everything we know about a character, Crystal Dynamics just updated her look and feel yet still made her recognizable to her core fan base. Stay tuned to VGP as we'll stay up to date with more news about the game.

2 thoughts on “New Tomb Raider Revealed

  1. This franchise is done. Eff the reboot, i no longer care. Tomb raider has been done and done and done again. Kill her off and move on to something new. Nuff said.

  2. its just a freakin Drakes fortune rip off i bet, hell she even looks related to him…

    and about her beatin appearance? I bet it was duke when he found out shes getting ANOTHER game instead of him.

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