Do you still Brawl?

I own all three consoles of this generation cycle. My Xbox 360 and my Playstation 3 get an equal amount of play time from me, but my Nintendo Wii just sits in the back of the cabinet lonely. I never play the thing. Truth be told, there is only one reason I have a Wii, and that's because I'm a Super Smash Bros. fanatic. I've been a tremendous fan since the original version on Nintendo 64. I couldn't tell you the countless hours me and my friends spent playing Melee. So when I heard that Brawl would feature online play, I took myself to the Nintendo store in Manhattan, stood on line, and bought myself a Wii and a copy of Brawl. To my disappointment though, Brawl's online mode was severely lacking.

This game is just plain fun.

Now I wasn't expecting something robust as Xbox Live, but I was working with the bare minimum. No lobbies for custom games? No way to add “friend codes” to random people you play with? No update to improve on these issues? WHY? Mario Kart Wii had all these features so why not Brawl? I end up playing 2:00 matches while I prefer playing 5 man stock matches. Sometimes I play a great player and I can't even get their info to battle them again. Not to mention the incredible amount of lag some of these matches have. Once again, I'm not expecting Super Street Fighter IV playability, but at least give me something to work with. Some of these matches would just pause for 20 seconds. It's unacceptable.

This sucks. Plain and simple.

I understand I'm complaining about a 2 year old game and that Nintendo could really care less about online, but Brawl to me is the most fun I've had with a game ever. I feel it's a missed opportunity because this game had potential to be played for 10 years online. As it stands, it's just a great game when your buddies are over. Just in case you were wondering too Brawl>>>>>Melee.


So, who wants to exchange friend codes?

Seriously, let's exchange Wii Codes. I wanna Brawl.

2 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Super Smash Bros. Brawl Work Online?

  1. For a company that has mastered fun and party gaming, I can’t believe they haven’t given more attention to online gaming since that would be the next best improvement upon what they already do the best.

  2. Smash online failed horribly. But really the Smash bros market (hardcore gamers) and nintendo’s primary market (Joe Shmo) aren’t the same. Which would account for the lack of interest in innovating it any further.

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