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I was a Sega kid growing up. Sure, I had other systems to play with, but I thought Sega was the defining gaming systems. So when I had to make a crucial choice between choosing a Sony Playstation or a Sega Saturn, I stuck to my guns. Now many of you reading this are saying “That was a huge mistake” but was it really? Was the Sega Saturn that terrible? Now I'm not gonna break down the history of the system that ultimately doomed it (early release, not capable of handling 3D properly, no EA support etc.). I wanna focus on why the Saturn was pretty damn good.

One of the best RPG's ever.

One of the main reasons I chose the Saturn was because most of its popular arcade titles were to be coming to the system, but unfortunately since they decided to release early, many developers had to rush their products out. This led to subpar versions of classics like Virtua Fighter and Daytona USA. However Sega would right these wrongs by making superb versions of these games, Virtua Fighter Remix and Daytona USA: Championship Edition. The only way to play all of Sega's arcade exclusives were on the Saturn, so first-party development was definitely a plus.

Virtua Fighter Remix>>>>>Tekken

While the Saturn struggled with 3D, it's 2D capabilities were pretty capable of handling many colorful sprites. If you wanted to play  the best versions of all of Capcom's 2D fighters, you had to play on Saturn. Also, if you were able to get a Japanese 4MB RAM cartridge, you could play arcade-perfect (haven't used that term in a while) versions of these games, as opposed to the sloppy mess that the PS games turned out to be.

Just like the arcade. Same exact gameplay.

Saturn has some of the most exclusive titles in video game history. Virtua Fighter 2 could go head to head with most fighter today, Guardian Heroes is probably the best beat-em up ever made, Nights blew every one's mind into what gaming can be,  Burning Rangers is a game that can never be replicated, and Panzer Dragoon Saga is a gem that is so rare, it is rumored there are only a few hundred left (I have a copy :-).

This game NEEDS to be on Xbox Live or PSN

Don't get me wrong, the Sony Playstation was a dominant system, but when I go to forums and see my Saturn being dissed, its obvious to me that most people didn't own the system. If they did, and they tried some games, they would have found it was a system that you would learn to love. What are your memories of the Saturn?

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  1. Thats no even the original Saturn. The power and reset buttons aren’t round on the one I have.

  2. I had the PS1 but my cousin had a Saturn, I remember enjoying it for street fighter and mortal kombat

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