Rumors are flying around the Internet that Sony is holding an event in Tokyo on January 27 to finally debut the new handheld.

VG247 says that Sony's calling it a “business overview and strategy meeting” and that “very select press” will be invited. An unnamed source claims that this will be the official debut of PSP2 and that it will release this year.

MCV cites “trade sources” in its similar claim about the January 27 event. It also teases some “exclusive industry insight” this Friday on the site.

Sony better do something, cause the 3DS is turning into a behemoth.


2 thoughts on “Rumor: Sony Announcing PSP2 In 2 Weeks

  1. meh! Just another way to screw consumers, like they did with the “Go.” Get an iPhone 4 instead! 😉

    1. Go was just an ill-fated expansion. Perhaps Sony learned from its mistakes from the PSP and will make a great handheld.

      3DS will rule though. Kid Icarus looks fantastic

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