I find it amazing that one of the most successful and profitable gaming franchises does not have a movie adaptation yet. When a Halo game comes out, it pretty much is one of the top 5 selling games of that year. I mean, the numbers for Reach are moving faster than for Halo 3. Yet, no movie? Well that may have changed.

If you remember several years ago, a Halo movie was in the works from Fox and Universal with Peter Jackson ready to executive produce it. However creative differences and gross disputes between the movie companies and Microsoft led the movie to be cancelled, with Universal losing a reprted $12 million when it was all said and done.

Rumor has it that Dreamworks is trying to pick up the project. Using the novels as source material would be their bargaining chip to Microsoft to get it off the ground. It is a big maybe though, as millions have already been spent on a project that has never seen the light of day. Naturally Microsoft would and should be reluctant. Halo is their prized possession, and they don't want its brand to be tarnished by a lackluster movie. Perhaps Dreamworks founder Steven Speilberg can get into the project, then things will get interesting.

We've all already seen how Halo might work in live action, thanks to commercials from ODST and Reach. Make it happen people !!!

4 thoughts on “Rumor: Halo Movie May Be Back In The Works!

  1. If Steven Speilberg personally has anything to do with this movie, there's no way it would be fail. I'm trying to thing of a Speilberg flop and nothing is coming to mind. Though a successful movie doesn't mean it a is good movie just marketed well and we're talking about Halo, the movie will do well just from it's existing fan base.

  2. True, but one could say the same about the Mortal Kombat series. Many believe that those movies tarnished the franchises then stellar reputation.

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