Resident Evil: Damnation has been announced. The movie will be a sequel in the vein of the computer-generated direct-to-video original film, although this one will make use of stereoscopic 3D.

Once again developed by Capcom and published by Sony Pictures, the animated feature will be released in 2012 in Japan and Makoto Kamiya returns to direct it.

Presumably it will follow after the events of the first movie, although it may be based on other games in the franchise and involve other characters. Though Leon S. Kennedy will be returning.

Why are they making a sequel to Resident Evil: Degeneration, a movie that bombed, you ask? Well the film sold over 1.6 million copies on home video/digitally in Japan as well as grossing ¥40 million yen (that’s $480,000 USD) during it’s short theatrical run where it appeared on 3-screens for 2-weeks. Guess that’s good enough to give it another shot.

No other details are known but we are sure to learn something at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2010 which takes place tomorrow and runs through the 16th of September.

Here’s a trailer for the first film.