In what seems to be a trend in the gaming community, most big name franchises are scrapping everything and starting from scratch. The point of a reboot is to change what we know about the character, setting and story yet keep it some what familiar so you don't lose your core fan base. But how often does this change really work and what constitutes the term reboot in some franchises?

By my definition, every Final Fantasy is technically a reboot of the franchise , with the exception of Final Fantasy X-2. Each installment is completely different from the last one in every way, and we've grown accustomed to it. Sure, we all would love to see a remake of Final Fantasy VII (I still watch that trailer and swear it's coming out), but that's just what it is: a remake. Not once have I heard gamers complain when a new FF is announced that they wished they had kept the same cast of characters. We learn their story, we love or hate (Vaan sucked) them, and we move on. IT works for this franchise.

Well we ever get to fight as Cloud again?

Now it's hard to mention this topic and not discuss the new DMC game, with its Twilight influenced take on Dante. The Devil May Cry games have been some of my favorite action games (I even like 2), yet when I saw the trailer for the new DMC, I found myself saying “huh”? When a big part of the reason why your game is so popular is because the main hero is just that cool, you shouldn't change him. I kill demons in a lot of games I play, but Dante did it in a style that we've never seen before and now just when the original cannon was getting interesting with the addition of Nero, you decide to take that all away and start fresh? What were you thinking? I'm pretty sure if you showed the same exact trailer, but named the game “Devil Killer” and the main character's name was “Tanis”, we'd all be interested in the new IP. Instead we get one of our most beloved franchises rebooted for no apparent good reason. It just makes this Spring's upcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 that much harder yet sweeter because of iconic Dante will be kicking ass and taking names.

Guess we better learn to love him

Remember when Shigeru Miyamoto debuted his vision of his first Zelda game on the then brand new Gamecube. We were all expecting the adult Link we saw from the Tokyo Game Show earlier that year, and instead we got this cel-shaded, big eyed, cartoon, kid Link. Boy, I remember the out rage that went out through out the community. After the darker tone both N64 predecessors presented us, now we have to play with pre-school Link? Arrrghhh!!!!!! Then we played the game, and realized that this is a Zelda game we're talking about. It was absolutely awesome and won many Game Of The Year awards. So maybe we shouldn't judge DMC yet, and we should wait for the game to come out before we bring out the pitchforks and torches to Capcom's door.

And we got to play as cool Link in Twilight Princess you crybabies.

Tomb Raider and Ninja Gaiden are getting the reboot treatment as well, as well as some of our favorite movie franchises such as Spider-Man and Jurassic Park. So I guess we have to put our trust in developers hands and see what they'll churn out. Will the new look DMC somehow be better the the originals? Will we start to see more reboots in the future. We would love to hear your opinion, so leave a comment and tell us what you think.

13 thoughts on “Do Reboots In Gaming Ever Work?

  1. The new devil may cry dante is, for lack of a better word, a fag. Not because he may or may not like boys, but because there is nothing powerful looking about the guy. No silver hair, no cool yellow irises, just a dirty stoner. One word, disappointment…

    1. I concur. Not that he’s a homosexual, but he should be burned, which is what a faggot originally was, a bundle of burning wood. This character, much like a bundle of burning wood, should be burned.

      I know people are saying, “you shouldn’t judge”, but fun or not, I can’t see myself playing with this character thinking he’s Dante. I don’t even like watching sequels to movies when they change actors for a part, and I can’t stand that they made Dante look this uncool. So the idea to keep the younger generation interested is to make him look like one of these emo kids no one likes. That’s the kind of guy who looks like he gets beat up in high school.

      At least the new Lara Croft isn’t so much different where I think, “Oh she’s a totally different person” the hair color is the same, she’s still incredibly good looking, etc. At least if they would have made Dante look cool, I’d be able to play it. Part of why I liked the series is because Dante was a cool character.

      I’m seriously going to avoid this game.

  2. Good points about the reboot. I guess it’s acceptable with Final Fantasy because Square’s been rebooting the franchise so long that fans don’t expect the cast of characters from one game to continue on in the next. That gives Square the freedom to reinvent the game with each iteration without getting any of the rage we’re seeing over the new Dante.

    IMO, a company shouldn’t even consider a reboot of the franchise (or it’s protagonist) unless the previous game didn’t sell very well (e.g. Tomb Raider), the series protagonist is so old that the fans expect someone else to step in (ala Solid Snake), or the story in the prior games was wrapped up in a way that allows the fans to move on.

    1. I was gonna mention the Metal Gear Series because we only really get to play as Solid Snake in the first game.

      MGS – Solid Snake
      MGS 2 – Whiny Raiden
      MGS 3 – Naked Snake aka Big Boss
      MGS 4 – Old Snake (While Raiden is a badass)

      These aren’t reboots but it kept the series fresh so it wouldn’t need a reboot

      1. True. I was speaking about fan outrage about a reboot. Like for MGS5 (if there is one), I doubt anyone would be upset over Raiden or someone else replacing Snake as the main character. MGS3 aside, the last two MGS games were basically getting fans of the series comfortable with not having Snake as the main protagonist. I thought Snake’s replacement was going to be Raiden but he’s getting his action adventure game that’s rumored to be as over the top as DMC. Plus his character and his abilities don’t really coincide with MGS gameplay anyway. Kojima has the freedom to actually create an entirely new character for MGS5.

  3. Onslaught have you played NT’s heavenly sword or enslaved both very simplistic and repetitive button masher with QTE that requires no skills, plus they are using that glitchy ancient UE3….
    and the overall look of the new redesigned dante is embarrassing tbh ….

    plus NT doesn’t care about us, so why should we care about their game ?

    the new DmC game will be a big joke when Platinum Games announce Bayonetta 2 !

    1. I’ve played a little of Heavenly Sword, but enough to know that it can’t hold a candle to a Devil May Cry game. Precisely why I’m worried about the game. Besides the fact that Dante looks ridiculous, the developer hasn’t really impressed me with their past work. Hopefully after this debacle, Capcom will return the series to its roots.

      1. all thanks to mr. Inafune for ruining capcom, god he was obsessed withe his stupid westernization theories !!

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