About half of Americans feel that violent videogames lead to more violence in communities, according to a new poll by Rasmussen. But only a small minority believes that the government should take action.

The national telephone survey details that 54 percent of people believe that violent videogames encourage violence, with 32 percent believing there is no link and 14 percent uncertain. Sixty-nine percent of those polls say they are at least somewhat concerned, with 48 percent saying they are very concerned.

While 65 percent feel that stores should be allowed to ban the sale and rental of violent games to minors though, only five percent believe that the government should be the group solely responsible for directly regulating the amount of sex and violence children are exposed to in games. Seventy-one percent believe that it is the parent's responsibility to watch what their children play(thank you), while 21 percent think that it should fall to the videogame industry.

How long has it been since the first Mortal Kombat hit the scene and we are still dealing with this. Since when is it not the parents responsibility to be parents. Would you let your kids into an see a Saw movie? Then why would you let them play Black Ops? The ESRB is there for a reason, yet the industry still gets the blame for reprecussions of violence because of games. The back of the game box even details what is specifically in the game and why it is rated what it is. Parents need to pay attention to what their children play and then we wouldn't have ridiculous polls like this.

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  1. It’s all bullshit, they’ve been trying to get us to drink that cool aid for over 20 years now, they do it with music as well. If your going to stop violence in video games then you have to do it in movies and music as well and lets be real that will never happen.

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