It appears Move is the appropriate name for PlayStation motion controller, because moving is exactly what the product has been doing. Sony Europe's Andrew House told Bloomberg that “very significant sales” for the Move, saying that it has sold “somewhere in the region of 1.5 million units for the new controller across just Europe.” He added that sales have exceeded Sony's original hopes, and that the company will likely increase production of the peripheral.

It appears American gamers don't share the same enthusiasm as the Europeans, estimates reveal that as of October 9th the motion controller sold around 470,000 units in it's US debut, including Move console bundles; though it's important to note that SCEA has not released official sales figures. Given that it didn't appear that there was any real excitement about this product compared to the hype surrounding Kinect, the sales are pretty impressive . Even though sales are off to a slow start for the product in the US, this will certainly change come holiday season and will inevitably drive more console sales.

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