Sony announced today that the PlayStation 3 has sold 50 million units worldwide as of March 29. Not only that, but PlayStation Move has been enjoying some success too, with 8 million units sold worldwide as of April 3.

It's worth noting, however, that these figures are “sell-in” numbers. That means that 50 million PS3s and 8 million Moves have been sold to distributors — but not necessarily to end users. Sony also doesn't state if the 8 million Moves figure relates to complete Move kits, or individual components such as navigation controllers and PlayStation Eye cameras.

By comparison, the Xbox 360 sold its 50 millionth unit back in January of this year, though it had a year's head start on the PS3. Relatively speaking, that means the 360 took 9 months of additional time on sale to reach the 50 million units milestone. Kinect, however, has outperformed PlayStation Move by an indisputable margin, with 10 million sales confirmed last month.

The Wii has been well out in front of both competitors for a long time now — as of December 2010, Nintendo's system had sold 86 million units worldwide.



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  1. Nintendo’s got more units in homes but who’s playing with them? My Wii is now a 250$ paper weight. Wii sports was fun for a few weeks then the novelty wore off. The 360 and the PS3 reign supreme in my house!!

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