Find Phantasy Star Portable 2 cheat codes and tips to help you in this PSP entry of the beloved RPG series.


Here is a list of the vision cheat codes that you can enter. Do so on the “Vision Phone” located in your room.

1. Bullet Lancer (Lance) – Enter: 32091120
2. Clarita Visas (Rod) – Enter: 29888026
3. Maverick Rifle (Fanta Collab) – Enter: 53962481
4. Puyo Pop Fever Gun (Mech Gun) – Enter: 54186516
5. Scouring Bubble (Fanta Collab) – Enter: 33286491
6. Toop Nasur (Yut’s Spear) – Enter: 30495153


Where Can I Find the Twin Claws?
You can find the Twin Claws located in the C Mission. Look for the big bear-type thing called a Polavohra and fight the Sleeping Warriors. It is a rare-drop item so expect to fight a lot before you get one.

What Weapon Types Exist in Phantasy Star Portable 2?
You’ll find a wide-range of weapons in the game, including: Swords, Knuckles, Spears, Double Sabers, Axes, Twin Sabers, Twin Daggers, Twin Claws, Sabers, Daggers, Claws, Whips, Slicers, Rifles, Shotguns, Bows, Grenade Launchers, Laser Cannons, Twin Handguns, Handguns, Crossbows, Cards, Mechguns, RSCMs, Rods, Wands, TSCMs, and Shields.

How Do I Get Hard Mode?
You can select the Hard difficulty mode from the Story Mission section of the Mission Counter.

Does the Game Have Multiple Endings? How Do I Level Up Photon Arts?
Unlike past games, these don’t level as they did before. To increase your Photon Arts level, you need to purchase Photon Art Disks or find them during a mission from an enemy drop. You can also trade special items to get the Art Disks.

Do Humans Get Level-10 Blast Abilities?
Yes. Humans, as well as Yes Newmans, can get level 10 Blasts.

What Jobs Are Available In the Game?
They are, in order: Hunter, Ranger, Force, Braver.

Does this game have online (Infrastructure) mode?
Yes it does via Wi-Fi. However you must have a PSN account on your PSP as well.

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