OUYA and Android

Being that I'm on the founders list for OUYA, I'm always in the know with all the latest news having to do with the system, I haven't really blogged about it much on this site but that's just because I've been so busy with other projects.

So far they've already shipped out all the developer versions of OUYA back in December, you can watch the unboxing video about it below.

As far as the controller is concerned, after the developers tested out the systems they voiced their concerns about the controller and the changes that needed to happen.

OUYA Controller

The changes that were made:

D-pad: They've changed the D-pad from from a ‘disc’ to a ‘cross’ style. So no more screwing up your moves because your pressing the wrong direction.

Thumbsticks: More grips were added to the thumbstick top caps, which are now rubberized.

Touch Pad: It's much more responsive now, and you can change the speed of the responsiveness in “Settings” area.

Triggers: The triggers weren't there before but have been added now.

Battery Bay: The initial design was a little flimsy, so they've secured the battery battery and the pull tab is now made of higher quality.

Below is a image of the controller being tested by the lead engineer with an oscilloscope to test the button-to-screen latency of the controller down to the millisecond.

OUYA Oscilloscope Controller Testing

I along with all the other founders are receiving out Founder's edition next month so I'll be able to tell you how things are first hand, before the system is officially in stores in June.

By then I'm sure even more improvements will be made.

Stay tuned.