Dreams do come true. I have literally been saying for years “Why in all that is good in this world, do they not bring the six player version of the original X-men arcade game to Live or PSN”? Literally, years. I grew up playing this game in various arcades, bowling alleys, 7-11's etc..

For those unfamilar with the game(i feel sorry for you kids), Konami developed this six player brawler in arcades in 1992. The game was unrelentlessly difficult as well. Unless you had about 15 bucks in quarters, MAME, or are just a god of brawlers, then chances are you never beat this gem.

From what I understand it's just a straight port, no HD Remix(dammit), no new characters, or no extra stages. No price point or release date has been set, so stay tuned to VGP for more info.