Well, we all saw this coming. A lack of AAA titles have led Nintendo's numbers to go down this season.

Revenues are down 33 percent to about $4.5 billion compared to this same period last year, which was $6.7 billion. During this same time period, 4.97 million Wii units and 6.7 DS systems were sold worldwide (as compared to 5.75 million and 11.7 million last year, respectively). Currently Nintendo says the installed base worldwide is 75.9 million for the Wii and 135.6 million for the DS. How that breaks out per DS iteration is unknown.

It's not all bleek though. 3DS will be a monster hit with gamers and Zelda: Skyward Sword will be hitting shelves soon. Still I guess the big N was depending on Other M (ugh!) to hold gamers over. Check in with VGP for more info.