Remember about four years ago when Nontendo released the Wii and it was damn near impossible to find? I had to wait on line at the Nintendo store at 8 o'clock in the morning to get mine. Motion snsor technology was nothing new, but Nintendo managed to make it innovative for the whole family to enjoy. But with Playstation Move and Microsoft's Kinect on the market now, is there any room for the Wii?

If Nintendo does start to fail, they'll have nobody to blame but themselves. I understand Wii is for the casual gamers out there, but does that mean that Nintendo is allowed to abandon some of their more popular franchises. How long were their rumors floating around about a Kid Icarus game before one finally materialized for the 3DS at E3? What about a new Star Fox, with Fox just flying around and not going on foot. We've all wanted a true successor to Star Fox 64, and yet no news on a true sequel. F-Zero was one of my favorite racing franchises because of the insane sensation of speed you get, and yet we get nothing. Nintendo has the most 1st party exclusives and yet they choose to do nothing with them. Sad isn't it.

I'm not gonna lie, the only reason I bought my Wii is for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This series continues to be my absolute favorite in gaming. Get for good friends for some SSBB, and watch the hours melt away. So when I heard that Brawl was going to be online, I nearly jumped through my roof. I imagined a stream lined online service that allowed me to play with randon people, send friend invites, and be lag free. Boy was I wrong. It was clear from the gate that Nintendo's focus wasn't its online service, but now that Sony and Microsoft have entered the casual market, they might need to make a change. Sure, some games are ok online (Mario Kart and the Call Of Duty games) but with PSN and Xbox Live being so user friendly, Nintendo may need a big online game to surprise people into trying their online service.

To say the Wii is a dead system is a little premature. The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is still coming out next year, as well as exclusive titles like Epic Mickey, Kirby's Epic Yarn and Donkey Kong Country Returns just released. But with its competitors offering better motion capturing, HD graphics, and easy to use online, I just don't see if Nintendo will keep up. Do you see Nintendo still in the hunt for winning this console war. Leave us feedback and let us know.

14 thoughts on “Is The Nintendo Wii Finished?

  1. As hardcore gamers we don’t really pay attention to the Wii but as far a successful system, the Wii dominated the past 3 years and truly did something innovative instead of playing the “most powerful system” game. Evidence of how influential Wii has been is very apparent with the release of PlayStation Move & Kinect.

    They sold 75.90 million units world wide as of September 2010, that’s almost more than 360 & PS3 put together. Wii is king among causal gamers. And if they go the social route with Facebook, Myspace etc. They’re going to dominate again. Dude my mom has a Wii, you’ll never see that happen with PS3 & Xbox 360.

    1. dude, i almost thought i wrote your comment. i agree 100%. however, the awesomegames on the wi are not strait from nintendo. you have to dig deep. other wise games like monster hunter tri and red steel remain under the radar

      1. Don’t forget about Mad World and The Conduit. Wii has some decent games. However Wii does not have HD graphics or great online, both 360 and PS3 possess. Do you think Nintendo needs to change anything to keep gamers happy?

        1. I’ll tell you this, once Wii get the online thing down, it’s gonna be a problem. Lets be real PS3 Network is mediocre, I lost count the amount of time that thing Fails.

  2. the fact of the matter is, nintendo does not need to keep up in order to win this console war since they have been on the lead for the past 3 years. in terms of console sales and more importantly profits. the wii was the only current gen console to make a profit from the point of sale. ps3 and xbox 360 were both sold at a lost. Another aspect to think about is whether the move and kinect will result to new console sales for both microsoft and sony since people who already own the systems would probably just buy the accessories rather than a new console.

    but you are also right in a sense that if nintendo did release those 1st party exclusives then their software sales will rise the second time but we’ll have to wait and see for when they release them. as far as i’m concerned i think the wii will do just fine regardless whether nintendo do what we want them to do or go a totally different way such as the social route like what chozen said. the nintendo wii is far from finished.

    1. Agreed. In terms of sales, the Wii won the war years ago. My thing is that i think Nintendo will just rest on their laurels and not push as hard, while it looks like Move and Kinect will be their main focus. We will see though

  3. The Wii’s CPU is obsolete, and has been obsolete since 2006. The fact that it single handedly handed Sony and Microsoft their a**** for breakfast is amazing.

    All these people clamoring for HD graphics and this and that, just wait until Wii 2 comes around, and it will inevitably be better than PS3 and 360. What will those people cling to then, when Mario and the most graphics intensive FPS can both be played on the same system?

    So to everybody always putting down the Wii and poking fun at it’s inferiority, just enjoy it now, because once Wii 2 drops, you’ll have nothing to talk about.

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