Sony has sold over 4.1 million PlayStation Move controllers since its launch in September, according to the company's latest sales data.

The number includes sales tallied in North America, Europe/PAL territories, Asia, and Japan and does not account for sales of stand-alone PlayStation Eye cameras or PlayStation Move navigation controllers.

“The 4.1M units are global sales for the company. We don't disclose our exact sell-through number,” Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications for SCEA made clear.

“The key is that our retailers continue to ask for more Move units and are taking every unit we can supply them with. Retailers are continuing to place more orders, both bundle and stand alone skus, with us based on the amount of units they are selling to their customers.”

Seybold also stated that more than 75% of PlayStation Move sales in the United States are bundles, not stand-alone controllers.

Gotta say, I'm impressed with how well the Move is selling. Microsoft is promoting Kinect like crazy, I don't really see many Move commercials and advertisements online. With Christmas just weeks away, Move could go on to sell 6 million copies before the years over. Keep up with VGP with more sales news.