Well, the day has finally arrived. The game fighting enthusiast have been waiting for, for 10 years has finally arrived. The hype surrounding Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 was astronomical, but does it live up to expectations? After all, this next iteration of the franchise won't be available for another 10 years right? Well, after spending hours battling, I found time to give you my immediate impression of the game.

First thing i noticed was that the controls are drastically different. Vs. series veterans all know light kick, hard kick, light punch and hard punch correct? Well MvC3 chooses to simplify the controls but just using light attack, medium attack, hard attack, and a launch move. This basically means that every character performs combos the same exact way (light, medium, hard, then launch them in the air for an air combo). While newcomers and casual gamers will find it easier to play, hardcore MvC 2 players will need some time to adjust. Hell, I'm still adjusting.

Online play is pretty smooth and nearly lag free, which is saying a lot considering the servers must be pretty full since the game is brand new. However, Capcom has done something which many consider boneheaded. During a player match lobby, the players waiting on stand-by can't watch the match while waiting. Instead we get treated to just waiting in the lobby and guessing whats happening. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this. Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting allowed players to spectate, and that game is 3 1/2 years old. Sure a patch can fix this, but come on Capcom. Who really green lit that idea?

Another issue with the game is the sheer lack of content. Sure online mode is fun with some buddies, but after you beat Arcade mode and unlock the four secret characters, you don't really need to go back there. Mission mode is a nice addition, but that's it after that. Where is a Challenge mode? Time-Attack? Survival? Tournament? Theater? Super Street Fighter IV had all these features, so why doesn't MvC3?

It may sound like I'm hating, but I'm definitely not. Quite the opposite in fact. Gameplay is silky smooth, the graphics look amazing, the music and sound are spot on, and the controls are responsive. Learning the new characters are a blast (Zero is the man), and returning favorites have new tricks up their sleeve. I just expect so much out of a game 10 years in the making. Now all these little problems can and will be patched up, but as of right now, I'm still on the fence about crowning this game the new king of fighters. How do you guys like the game?

One more thing, Sentinel is still cheesy as hell. Tone his damage down Capcom.

One thought on “Marvel Vs.Capcom 3: First Impressions

  1. I like this game. I think it is very cool. Here is my problem, with all the dumbing down and that power up feature, a beginner can hop on after all the practicing I’d been doing and win. That level of mastery that separates the button mashers from the casual gamer to the hardcore memorize every combo is diminished. And maybe I think that is what they were going for ie. nintendo’s creed of entry player accessibility. Even the new gears of war is doing something similar to try to level the playing field for the noob. But to be honest I like the learning curve. I appreciate the butt whippings. It makes you better in the long run. It separates the casual passerby from the dedicated. And if/when you finally ‘get good’ at a game, you can look back and feel as if you earned it. Nuff said.

    PS: should do an article on the dumbing down of games for the masses. Makes for good convo 😉

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