Players will finally be able to get their hands on the much anticipated game February 15th of next year. Those who order the special edition of the game for $69.99 will get:

  • A steelbook case featuring exclusive artwork
  • A comic/art book featuring a 12-page prologue comic written by Marvel writer Frank Tieri, and a portfolio of campaign art and selected fan art
  • A one-month subscription to Marvel Digital Comics, providing unlimited online access to Marvel content
  • Two playable DLC Characters – Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine, which will become available four weeks post-launch

See, this is where DLC can become annoying. So now I have to get the special edition of the game or I have to wait a month before the game comes out. Why not just give us everything in one shot? It's very annoying, but I definitely will be getting the special edition.