Gamers these days don't know how good they have it. Remember when you bought a game, and that's it. Felt an enemy was overpowered? Deal with it. Upset you didn't have enough health on level 5? Better man up (or hope Game Genie does its miracles). Just shelled out $70 for a game and you beat it in a weekend? Better start it up again. But thanks to the magic of DLC, games seemingly never end.

It seems every major release has some form content to download. Red Dead Redemption was a game of the year contender among its initial release. However with the release of Co-Op Mission Pack , Heroes and Villains Pack, and a wide array of new packs streaming in next month, gamers definitely are getting more bang for their buck (get it? “buck”…….you know horses……forget it).  Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gets about four new maps for it's insanely addictive multiplayer every three months or so. Let's not even get started on Fallout 3.

Gamers even have the luxury of buying games straight from the online service it provides. Mario Kart 64 is one of my favorite games, but I don't wanna dust off my N64 every time I wanna race. Enter the Virtual Console and its near endless supply of classic Nintendo titles. Even original titles, such as Castle Crashers and Braid have become recent classic in their own right.

Sure, some will complain that some of the content is costly (*cough* Activision *cough*), but the fact that if you take a new game home today, and the possibility that a fire breathing unicorn may be added to it has to get the hairs on your neck standing. Let us hope that developers keep the content fresh and not just used recycled ideas. Now, time to use my new outfits in Super Street Fighter IV.