The Killzone 3 beta is up and running and from what I've played, this game may be the best shooter for your PS3 next year. Betas usually have little hiccups such as frame issues, lag or glitches, not KZ 3 though. This game runs like its about to be shipped next month. If you played KZ2 then it should be easy to pick up and get into, but even for newcommers, it's easy to hop right in and start blasting Helghast (or ISA for that matter).

The graphics share the same dark and ominous look of KZ2, but the colors look more vibrant. Fire burns more brighter while blizzard conditions make you feel like your battling in the Antarctic. You won't find many games that look better than Killzone 3 on the market right now, and the game still has months of development time.

Game modes include Guerilla Warfare, Warzone, & Operations. Warzone is your basic deathmatch while Warfare is the mode in which the objective changes as you play. Both were fun, but Operations is where the game really shines. Similar to Invasion from Reach, Operations has your team doing a bunch of small objectives trying to reach your main objective, while other players on the opposing team try to stop you. There are cutscenes between each objective, but it doesn't take you out of the action. I personally love objective based games like this, so I would love to see more maps for this mode.

This beta is jam packed with content. From ranking up, forming clans, missle turrets, to contolling mech suits, it seems that Killzone 3 is poised to rival all PS3 FPS games next year. Look for it to land on shelves Febuary 22, 2011.