This is pretty awesome, if there is anything I do as much as play video games, it's watch TV. Well watch NetFlix would be more accurate and now with Hulu Plus coming to Xbox Live, I'll be able to get all the TV shows that NetFlix aren't carrying.

You basically getting the Hulu interface with which you’re familiar with plus a few Kinect add-ons including voice control and gestures. With sufficient bandwidth you also get high-quality streaming on what Microsoft is calling the “biggest screen in your house.” The service will be available for free from April 29 – May 6 and will thereafter cost $7.99 a month.

So lets see we have ESPN for Sports, NetFlix for Movies and Hulu Plus for TV Shows, that's $60 per year for Xbox Live, $7.99 a month for Hulu Plus and $8.99 for NetFlix. Paying that cable bill is starting to make less and less sense to me.

It's not a stretch to say in the near future video game systems will undoubtedly replace Cable television, once Starz, HBO and Shotime come to the Xbox it's over.

Below are the Hulu Plus on Xbox LIVE Key Features:

  1. More TV from Hulu Plus, Together with Xbox LIVE. With the Hulu Plus subscription service on Xbox LIVE, instantly watch your favorite TV shows from ABC, Comedy Central, FOX, NBC, MTV, and more on the biggest screen in the house, in HD and controller-free.
  2. Always Something New to Watch. Hulu Plus offers hit TV shows and classic movies anytime in HD. Instantly stream any current season episode of top shows like Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and many others. Catch up on full back seasons on series including Lost, Chapelle’s Show, and Battlestar Galactica, or explore hundreds of acclaimed movies from The Criterion Collection.
  3. TV. Movies. Hits. Classics. All in One Place. Stream episodes from many of TV’s greatest shows, enjoy full current seasons of your favorite shows, catch up on past seasons or explore series you missed. With one seamless subscription, watch all of your favorite entertainment on Xbox LIVE and all Hulu Plus supported devices.
  4. Quality Streaming on the Biggest Screen in the Home. Xbox LIVE automatically detects your bandwidth connection, and adjust on the fly to give you the best playback experience available.
  5. Your Voice Becomes the Remote Control with Kinect. You’ll be able to play, pause, fast forward and rewind the movie or TV show you are watching with voice or gesture commands.
  6. You’ll also be able to select movies and TV shows recommended for you by Hulu through the Kinect Hub.