Today feels like Christmas morning. The much rumored remake of the original Halo has finally been announced to come out November 15, 10 years after the original. Joystiq reports that previous rumors regarding a Halo: Combat Evolved remake are indeed true. According to the info acquired, the game does not use the original visuals upgraded into a higher resolution, but instead features all new art to take advantage of the 360's capabilities. Hopefully we get Reach quality visuals.

It is believed that the remake is under construction at Saber Interactive, most recently the team that worked on TimeShift. Hopefully the gameplay stays true to form with the original. My question is, should Saber include all the upgrades from the later games, such as dual wielding, vehicle hijacking, equipment, or armor abilities? Comment below and tell us what you think.

All I need is a remake of Killer Instinct and Final Fantasy VII and I can die happy.

3 thoughts on “Halo: Combat Evolved Remake Coming This Holiday

  1. no armor abilities. none of the fluff of recent halos. particularly reach. put the skill gap back in halo by putting everyone on an even playing field like it used to be. just you, the map, and your head. none of this armor lock shit. active camo, and overshields were powerups in the old halos for a reason. not only to give people an incentive to pay attention to them, but to keep power from being readily available to players (armor abilities are exactly the opposite of this), and maintain more of the “power struggle” atmosphere. keep the weapon line up simple as well. UNSC: AR, sniper, shotty, rocket, pistol COVENANT: plasma pistol, plasma rifle, needler. stay true to the “weapon timeline” which reach completely ignores, and keep it simple. we don’t need 30 different weapons, and only use 4 or so of them on a regular basis. i really hope this game is exactly like the original, just with a super graphics upgrade (and online MP. lol), because i think halo is nothing like it used to be back in the day. the atmosphere of the game has turned from pure competitive gameplay, to an armor lock circle jerk with no skill gap, where, thanks to armor abilites, a noob can be just as much of an asset to his team as an experienced player.

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