Our good friends at IGN.com recently did an article giving their opinions of the best halo campaigns from best to last. As a huge fans of the Halo series,I feel it's only right that we at VGP give our opinions about which campaigns reign supreme.

5. Halo 3: ODST

What started off as simply a DLC add on, became the black sheep of the series. You step into the shoes of a rookie Orbital Drop Ship Trooper looking for the rest of his squad mates in a barron city. As you find clues to their whereabouts, you get the chance to experience each of their personal adventures since the seperation.

While I enjoyed ODST, I felt the campaign dragged at times. Running through the HUB world and being able to do the missions in any order was unique for Halo, there were many times when I was just running around for 20 minutes at a time trying to get to my next objective……..and I just like playing as Spartans.

4. Halo 2

The fight comes to earth and it's up to Master Cheif to defend the planet from Covenant takeover. Or is it? The big surprise (*SPOILER*) is that you play half the game as a failed Elite general, The Arbiter. We learnĀ  more about the covenant and the internal power struggle between Brutes and Elites. Also, we find out The Flood are more dangerous than ever.

This was a tough one for me. The first two Halo games were defining moments in my gaming history, it's like choosing between my kids. I was disappointed that more of the campaign didn't take place on earth. Driving the Scorpion while destroying the Scarab on the second mission was a classic moment. I had no problem playing as The Arbiter, though I preferred when the Elites were just the monsters trying to kill me, not overly religious fanatics.

3. Halo: Combat Evolved

We all know the story. You're the last super soldier tasked with defending your race from a alien threat, when you discover a floating ring in the middle of space. That ring just happens to be the most powerful weapon in the universe and the battle to control it rages on.

This may be nostalgia, but the pace of the original Halo campaign was just perfect. Each battle felt epic, fighting against insurmountable odds. Half way though the game you realize the covenants aren't even your most dangerous enemy, as The Flood make their debut (which reminds me of Aliens for some reason)………and The Silent Cartographer is my favorite mission.

2. Halo 3

Time to finish the fight. Chief has teamed up with the Elites to take down the crazed Prophets of the Covenant. The flood are closing in, ready to destroy everything in their path. Cortana has gone missing, and she holds the key to save the universe. Everything was on the line, and it was up to you.

Halo 3 gets a lot of flack (so-so graphics, equipment sucked) but I don't think anybody can deny the campaign's epicness. Driving a mongoose while your teammates rockets a Scarab? Check. An army of scorpion tanks versus an army of Scarabs? Check. A great ending to the last game of the series (*cough*). Check.

1. Halo Reach

Experience the fall of Reach. The prequel to Halo, we play as Noble 6. The Covenant have discovered Reach, and it's destruction is inevitable. 6 and the rest of Noble team do what they can to defend humanity's last stronghold, but is it for naught?

This was a real tough decision between Reach and 3. Though 3 had more grand scale battles, Reach has more variety thanks to the armor abilities. There's nothing like armor locking to avoid a blast from a Wraith, while your teammate jet packs in to destroy it. From the original pistol returning to the retro Banshee's, this game is definitely an ode to old school Halo fans. Heck, the Elites don't even speak English anymore. The mood of the game is also dark, simply because Noble team is fighting so hard, but we all know before we even fire one bullet, Reach will be destroyed. It's an eerie feeling, but it adds to the atmosphere. Reach is Bungie's masterpiece, and it shows.

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15 thoughts on “Best Halo Campaign

  1. Released on November 15, 2001, the Xbox version of Halo: Combat Evolved is the first Halo video game and made an incredible influence on me. I was still getting some games in 6 years later. Now nearly a decade later Halo Reach is said to be the best Halo game because of the graphics story and innovation, but the fact is that it just extends the fundamentals of part 1. The long wait makes it bittersweet and feels like an expansion pack. I’ll probably play Halo Reach a year at best. If we take it in context which Halo was more amazing at the time…. I give it to Halo 1 Combat Evolved because it was revolutionary and had legs. If we line up side by side then of course Halo Reach would win – but the level at which it Should’ve won should be greater.

    1. If we were talking about impact on the industry and nostalgia, I would definitely give Halo:CE the nod. But this is simply about the campaign. In terms of diversity throughout the game, pacing through the levels and difficulty. I could not simply based my opinions on graphics and gameplay because obviously Reach would win. Every Halo game holds a special place in my memory, but I guarantee if you were to pop in CE’s campaign now and then play Reach, you’d see my point.

  2. Without a doubt Halo 1 is the best, as good as part 2 was you can’t top how epic Part 1 was. It’s as the slogan says “Combat Evolved” it changed everything about the first person shooter genre and raised the bar, before Halo the only first person that could even be mentioned in the same breath as Halo was Golden Eye for the 64, that was the 1st game I remembered when I first played Halo.

    I remember beating Halo at just sat back on my couch, and said to myself “good job Microsoft.” I realized that I had just played one of the greatest video games ever made, and that this is what made the Xbox what it is today. Then after that, the game was so good, you just had to challenged your self and go at it in Legendary. As if the game wasn’t already perfect, word or mouth started getting out and now you start having your friends over after school to play multi-player which is where Halo really shined.

    Halo 1 is the best followed by Halo 2, because Halo 2 took everything from part 1 and doubled it. 2 Guns, new vehicles and of course Xbox Live took the game from your living room with your four friends plus two more waiting for their turn to a global multi player game. This is where you quickly realized you were only the best Halo player on your block. LoL…….

    1. You know I loved me some Combat Evolved, but I’m telling you, play that campaign right now, then turn on Reach and you’ll see why Reach is # 1.

      1. Well obviously it’s new, the graphics are better. Reach is mad short and nothing innovative has been introduced. The space travel thing was cool but not special. The stages in CE were were vast, from the introduction to the flood, the beach invasion, trying to beat the clock with the warthog at the end, going up against the AI controlling the machines. There were so many signature moments that made Combat Evolved stand out.

        1. Halo is shorter than Reach, your just better at games now.You’d be able to run through CE in about 7 hours. Nothing innovative??? Jet Packs aren’t innovative enough for you. The armor abilities add a whole new element to the game. I understand that CE is a timeless classic, but the campaign can’t touch 3, let alone Reach

  3. I’ve already spent 4 entire days game time in the campaign of Reach and i love it, but absolutely no way is it better that the first game- as any typical fan would, i recently went through Halo1 on heroic- Legendary takes bloody ages -from start to finish just before getting into Reach.In some more refined ways yes you can argue Reach is certainly doing some fantastic and innovative things more so than the original of course, but as a whole, the experience is on a different page .And it is a shorter game, one that also has a couple of badly realised encounters- Bungie doesn’t seem to always understand it’s own sandbox at times and with the game not being all that huge anyway, well you notice more

    Elite AI is fairly staggering in Reach at times though and Firefight is infinitely fun being we have the options now.I shall continue to play Reach for many many years but it’s not quite as epic as it needed to be quite honestly when you compare them both

  4. I strongly disagree. My list goes like this:
    6: Halo: ODST
    5: Halo 3
    4: Halo Wars
    3: Halo Reach
    2: Halo 2
    1: Halo CE

    And that is not because halo Ce was more revolutionary. It’s because it’s replayability was so much greater. Try to look at websites like High Speed Halo and see what kind of things you could get from the halo CE and 2 campaign.

  5. Honestly, nobody is wrong in this discussion. It’s all a matter of opinion. Every single Halo campaign has been a memorable and highly enjoyable experience. I personally feel though there was too much back tracking and reused environments in CE. Reach and 3 kept me engaged because I had no idea what was going to happen next. Valid points though

  6. I have played through all Halo’s and as much as we all love Combat Evolved, we must admit that Reach is the best one. No two Reach levels feel the same while in CE, although incredibly fun, at its roots are drive here walk here, drive here, walk here. Lets not get into innovation here because as far as I’m concerned Golden Eye is the modern day father of this FPS shit, and Wolfenstein is the grandpa. In summation, graphics and nostalgia aside, Reach is the most balanced campaign nuff said!

  7. While Halo CE changed the world, there were many levels (like the Library) Where it was so repetitive I wanted to throw my Xbox at wall. Reach is also pretty good. Amazing graphics and not repetitive at all. I think that Bungie kind of missed the mark with it. For some reason I find it super boring after I’ve replayed it so much. All of Reach is kind of wearing of. Even the multiplayer just isn’t that addicting. I went online in Halo 3 last night and there were more Halo 3 players online than Halo Reach. Honestly I think the FUNNEST campaign is Halo 3’s. Even after Reach I am still in love with it. While Reach is Amazing , it just doesn’t feel as Haloey to me. I think Halo had the funnest campaign.

  8. honestly reach>???? WTF??? it has the worst campaign honestly, the missions are unlinked, random, uninspiring, how can anyone say reach is #1

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