“Fell how weak you are”. Do you know how many times I had to read that?

Akuma has always been a badass character, but everyone knows  it's his more powerful Shin Akuma form that has players in fear.  Akuma is already one of the most complete characters in the game, his Shin form is damn near unbeatable. He's nearly twice as strong, he shoots two air fireballs as opposed to one, and his dragon punch is stronger than Ken's. His sweep does like 20% damage and if you get hit by his Raging Demon, just put the controller down and hang your head.

There are various forms of Shin Akuma throughout the Capcom games. The most infamous to me is his iteration in Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold. I spent hours in Akuma mode trying to defeat the demon. Surprisingly, I did it once with the most unlikely characters, Zangief, only because anyone who play Street Fighter knows this is a counter pick.

Other appearances include Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Capcom Vs. SNK 2, Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter II HD Remix in which he is just as powerful and difficult to beat. Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter featured Cyber Akuma as a boss and he had mostly the same abilities…….and a rocket punch. As if he really need more moves.

Few boss characters are as difficult to beat as Shin Akuma. Have you fought the demon? Have you beat him? Leave us your story about your battle.

4 thoughts on “Great Achievements In Gaming: Defeating Shin Akuma

  1. I have beaten Shin Akuma on Alpha 2. I was fighting him for almost 2hrs got pissed and took a break. I came back and beat him with two perfects. I wish I had recorded the fight or had someone there to witness it. That was probably my greatest video game achievement ever.

  2. Shin Akuma ain’t in HD remix nor Super Street Fighter 4, just because he throws 2 hadoukens in the air doesn’t mean he’s Shin, Alpha 2/3, 2nd Impact, CVS2, SVC Chaos, those have the real Shin Akuma!!!

    All versions of Shin Akuma, are hard, but the most painful and strongest Shin Akuma is on 2nd Impact, took me a while to beat him!!!!

  3. If you fight Cyber Akuma with the increased speed and difficulty, it’ll almost take forever to beat him of how hard he is to deal with lol!!!!

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