Be gentle

“You will die”. Who starts a fight by saying that? Only one of the most badass bosses of all time. Usually I do these personal achievements for secret or extra victories over a game. But with Shao Kahn, you get my seal of approval for just beating him on normal.

As if beating Kintaro or Motaro wasn't hard enough, now you get to Kahn and you're ready to whup some Outworld tail. Problem is, he is a beast. Not only does he have a counter for all your moves, if you try and block, he staggers you then counter attacks. All while talking shit to you. Ain't nothing likeĀ  pulling out all your best moves, only for him to point and say “You're are nothing”, proceeded by multiple shoulder rams in the corner.

You got knocked the %$^@ out !!!

Now we can debate which version of him was more difficult, he Mortal Kombat 2 or his Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 version, but for me it's no contest. In Ultimate, he didn't talk as much, had a faster projectile, a anti-air ram, and a hammer which if connected, would make you dizzy. WTF man? John Tobias and Ed Boon are sick puppies for creating such a crazy boss.

Lucky hit

Shao Kahn still makes me sweat at night. I spent five hours at FuncoLand (remember that) trying to beat him, and when I finally did, it felt like I won the Super Bowl and gold at the Olympics at the same time. No one man should have all that power. Chime in and tell us your Shao Kahn stories.