Beware of the multicolored man in a thong. But seriously, Gill deserves a spot on the achievement list just because of how utterly cheesy he is. He's about as fast and strong as a normal final boss should be. However he seems to have a counter for just about every move you do. Anti-air fireball? Check. Cross the screen attack? Check, plus an air dive. A super arts that does incredible chip damage when blocked. Check.

That's not even the worst part. Just when you finally have a good round against him, and your super arts are connecting, and your EX combos are working and your about to kill him…………THE BASTARD RESURRECTS HIMSELF. That's right, if Gill has one full bar of super, he resurrects himself to full health. Why not just hit him you ask? Well there is an unnatural force pushing you back so unless you through anything more than an EX fireball, your screwed.

He's not the cheesiest boss ever (Dead Or Alive bosses get that honor), but the S.O.B. made you earn the win. I guess thats all I could ask for in a final boss for a Street Fighter game. Does Gill get your respect, or are you a fan of Seth? Let us know

8 thoughts on “Great Achievements In Gaming: Defeating Gill

  1. Gill was a beast. This fucking guy man. Great website dude. I see only Onslaught writes the articles. Do u run the site by yourself?

  2. if you hit Gill at the right time when he is resurrecting, you cant stop it at like 1/10th of his life. Still, its annoying as hell.

  3. I shall remember gill as one of very few if not the only character in a 2d fighting game that doesn’t have mirrored sprite for facing left and right. Maybe it’s just a simple modified palette swapping trick, but I really appreciate the team going an extra mile to make sure his blue and red tones stay where they are and actually give context to his normal attacks depending on his position.

    1. Agreed, you cam tell Capcom wanted this to be their flagship fighter. Though it’s popular in the fighting genre, it didn’t catch on like SF II or SF IV did

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