Yup, I'm going old school with it. The Revenge Of Shinobi is one of the great classic side scrollers of the 16 bit era. I always preferred the Shinobi games over Ninja Gaiden simply because Shinobi games difficulty isn't “cheap” (off screen hits, ridiculous platforming).

Revenge and Shinobi III are always debated on which is the better of the series. Shinobi III had horseback riding and the ability to run. Revenge had Godzilla, Batman and Spiderman. Nuff said.

All I ask for in a remake is the ability to save. Anyone who played games back in 16-bit era knows if you start the game, then you finish the game. Revenge is a long and difficult game. Please let me save after every mission. Sega….MAKE IT HAPPEN.

3 thoughts on “Games I Want On Xbox Live & PSN: The Revenge Of Shinobi

  1. Revenge of Shinobi was great … if they bring it back with Trophy Support it would be cool.

    I would also add Shadow Dancer (Ninja with Dog) to the list possibly as a double pack (a la Capcom Final Fight Double Pack with Magic Sword) . These were great platformers with a ninja twist

  2. Shadow Dancer is like the red headed step child of the 3 Genesis Shinobi games. Though i loved the music on the Statue of Liberty stage. Good times

  3. This jumperoo is better! We ended up it again if our kid was initially nearly four a long time classic, and even though the guy appeared to be too smaller regarding it, the guy suit around the padded automobile having rolled-up quilt as providing the booster automobile many considerable novels less than an individual’s ft. She rapidly planted engrossed not to mention seemed to be lunging being a pro. They’re at this time being unfaithful many weeks out of date but still adores it all.

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