You know those moments in gamng when you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you witnessed them? Watching the opening to Shenmue was one of those moments. This was one of the many reasons why I bought my Dreamcast. The idea of an open world 3D game was unheard of back in 1999. The game was very ambitious, if not revolutionary.

The story is simple enough. You play as Ryo Hazaki, a young man whom happens to come home one day and witness the death of his father by martial arts expert and gang leader Lan Di. This leads Ryo to search throughout Japan for clues about Lan Di, and to exact his revenge.

Most of Shenmue is spent searching for clues, however there are other activities to keep you busy. Sparring, side quest, playing old games (Space Harrier ftw), and working the docks are some of the activities you experience through your journey.

The game is played in three different modes. Quest mode will find you doing most your exploring and searching for clues. Quick Time Events start once Ryo discovers something he's not supposed to and his aggressors try and stop him (think Heavy Rain). Battle mode is similar to beat-em ups of back in the day, with moves from Virtua Fighter sprinkled in through out the game. The game even concludes with a 100 man battle, which every game should have.

I realize Shenmue is a huge game (the original Dreamcast game took up four discs), so putting it on Live and PSN is asking a lot, but I know it can be done. Update the graphics (the game looked amazing 10 years ago), and keep the cheesy dialogue, and we are good to go. Make it happen Sega, and make Shenmue 3 happen please !!!!

6 thoughts on “Games I Want On Xbox Live & PSN – Shenmue

  1. Release both first and second games with both English and Japanese audio (the game world is more immersive if it’s played in Japanese audi/English text mode)!

    I read somewhere that the 3rd game had been designed and that the entire story was finished, and that a lot of the planning and even some of the production work had been done for the 3rd game, then presumably left on a hard drive in the early 2000s and stayed there since. If they release the first and second game together for download I WILL BUY THEM AGAIN. I think any Shenmue fan, even those who came to the table with the Xbox version of the second game, would happily buy the games again for something reasonable like £10 each IF THERE WAS ANY PROMISE THIS WOULD ENCOURAGE SEGA TO RELEASE THE THIRD AND FINAL GAME. – That will be the clincher I think. They can’t sit and moan about no sales without a clear incentive for new and old fans alike to buy a 10 year old game.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, TOMBI! (or TOMBA! in the US) for release on PSN!

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