Sega Dreamcast remains one of the most beloved systems among gamers. The library it amassed in its short lifespan was incredible. One of those gems is Capcom's 4-player brawler, Power Stone 2. Players fought utilizing tables, chairs, rocks and whatever items they were able to obtain in battle. When the magical Power Stones themselves would appear, players scrambled to collect them because obtaining 3 at a time would transform you into a godlike state for a time.

While I loved the original Power Stone as well, Power Stone 2 was simply fun to play with friends. The stages would constantly change terrain so the fight would not become stagnant, item boxes dropped off weapons or health that could change the tide of a battle and there is nothing like getting that third stone and demolishing your opponents.

So why no release in nearly 10 years Capcom? Sure there was the PSP collection several years back, but who would really buy this type of game on a handheld. The graphics could use a slight touch up, but no need to HD Remix it. Just add 4-player competitive online and leaderboards and I'll be happy.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl can't be the only party brawler on the mountain. Make it happen Capcom.

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