Several years back, a game called Crysis was released on PC's using the then revolutionary Crytek engine. Though it's gameplay was of your standard first person fair, it was a graphical powerhouse that only the most powerful engines could handle. With it's sequel coming next month, I take look at the Xbox 360 exclusive multiplayer demo.

Crysis 2's MP definitely borrows pages from Call Of Duty. Killstreaks and attachments such as Red Dots are alive and well. Armor abilities are also present, which allow you to sprint, super jump, use camoflauge, and enhance your shield. All these abilities use one energy gauge, so you have to know what ability best fits the situation.

Gameplay itself has been a mixed bag. My first couple of games featured fluid gameplay and fast paced action, which was highly enjoyable. As of late though, the matches have been very glitchy and laggy. I thought it was my connection, but apparently the community is experiencing the same problems. I understand public Betas are going to experience some issues, but this is a demo, so these problems should have been ironed out already.

Overall, Crysis 2 has potential to be a top shooter on consoles. But it needs some more polish before it can take on the Halo's and the Call Of Duty's of the world. Look for Crysis to hit consoles and PC next month.

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