That's right, I want more characters in this game still. There are still about 15 -20 slots open, so here's my take on who should make the cut.

The Sentry

In what originally seemed like Marvel's answer to Superman, The Sentry's story is a whole lot deeper than originally perceived. A crazy schizophrenic with the power of a million exploding suns, The Sentry is unstable, dangerous, and a perfect fit for the roster. Imagine his super move is turning into his darker half, The Void, and demolishing his opponent.  It would be epic.


The final boss in Street Fighter IV deserves a spot on this list, simply because he has the best name of all time, and he's a beast. His combos are seemingly neverendless, he has all the moves and powers of all the Street Fighter, and he can suck you into his stomach and spit you out on the screen. In a game like MvC3, where powers seem to be exaggerated, Seth's set list could be limitless.

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