Once again, I give my take on who should be in this monster of a fighter. There are still plenty of slots open, and with DLC, anything is possible. With that being said:


Are you telling me he wouldn't be a beast?

Besides Wolverine and Cyclops, Archangel has always been my favorite X-Man, and his recent darker tone in the X-Force comics make him ever cooler. His razor sharp organic wings will cut characters to shreds, and his “Death” persona can make him a more aggressive fighter. Naturally he should be able to fly, but I think his flight should be faster than any other character. How intense would it be if his super move was a hail of blades coming from his wings? Pure awesomeness.

Strider Hiryu

Bring back the old favorite Capcom!

Easily one of the best additions when the original MvC started, Strider was a combo machine that would fit perfectly with the roster. From his ridiculously huge blade to his command over mechanical animals, Strider is just the man. He was easy to pick up and play with yet complex enough for true gamers to destroy noobs with. There are rumors that he has made the cut (pun intended), but until I see an official reveal video, then he gets added to the list.

With another 2 months of time, who else do you think will be revealed. Do you know of any more characters? Leave a comment and lets us know what you've heard.

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