In case you've been under a rock for the last six months, you'll know that Activision just released its latest installment of the mega popular Call Of Duty franchise. The official review for Black Ops will be released later in the week, but for now here is my first impression of the multiplayer aspect.

The first thing you'll notice in Black Ops is that every thing you need to customize your character needs to be bought. That includes weapons, equipment, perks, killstreaks, emblems and attachments. You still need to level up to unlock certain weapons, but once unlocked you still have to buy them. However you don't have to use that weapon to unlock it's attachments, such as surpressors and red dots. This level of customization is fresh and addictive. Managing you points is key to becoming a top player in Black Ops.

My personal experience with the multiplayer is mixed. On the one hand, I love CoD and everything about it. The movement, the weapons, the killstreaks, it's all here. If you played a CoD game in the last few years, you'll fell right at home.

On the other hand, if you played a CoD game in the last few years, you may feel there are some things that are off. I feel as if the game moves a little slower than previous entries. The sprint isn't that fast and the overall pace is just isn't as ferocious as Modern Warfare 2.

Gun damage seems to have been reduced as well. When I'm shooting somebody with an M16, I feel two good burst should take them out. In my play session, it's taken 4 to 5 rounds to down some people. It feels like everyone is using Juggernaut to me. Maybe because I'm used to using Stopping Power (which is gone), but I might as well be playing Reach if it takes that long to kill somebody.

My last gripe with the game is that it seems that playing with your friends seems to be unusually difficult. I have a group of buddies that I've been playing CoD with for years. When we all were online, the game itself was not allowing all of us to party up. What's the reason you ask? Apparently one of our party members was not ranked high enough. 1. We were level 12 and 10 and he was level 8, so you're telling me our skill set was that much higher. 2. What difference does it make what level we are? If I wanna play with my friends, then I should be able too, no matter what. I really hope this was just the servers acting up and not a permanent issue, otherwise MW2 may be getting a lot more burn.

It may sound like I hate the game, but it's actually a whole lot of fun. I just hold the Call Of Duty franchise to a high standard since it is the premiere shooter of this generation. Check back with VGP for the official review and more CoD news and updates

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  1. IDK about multiplayer because I haven’t played it yet, but as far as story mode goes the game play is top notch. Shit I might even go as far as saying I enjoy this campaign more than Halo Reach’s….Ehhh maybe not….

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