Put this under the “Shake My Head” category. This is the highest selling game of all time besides Wii Sports. It's been out for 5 months. There is DLC out for it. WHO THE ^%# DOESN'T HAVE THIS GAME ACTIVISION?????

Well for the 3 people who still are holding out on Black Ops, the demo is now on Xbox Live and PSN. You get to plat the WMD mission from the campaign. If you've ever played any Call Of Duty game then you know what to expect.

C'mon man.

One thought on “Call Of Duty Black Ops Demo Out Now

  1. Ahem, i’m one of those three people who don’t have black ops. One of the three who realize that it just don’t get much better than modern warfare 2. Good bye Infinity Ward we will miss you(sob).

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