Everyone has a story. Don't kill the guy coming out the bathroom and rush in. Let your teammates do most the killing and pick off who you need to. Toss a flash into a room with more the four enemies. There is no right way and no wrong way, but everyone has a way to beat Mile High Club, the last and hardest achievement in Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Of course I did it. After I took out the first room, I picked up a M1014 and just did work. Flash bangs and shotgun shells ran rampant throughout the plane. But don't get it twisted, it took me about 70 tries and lots of expletives but once you get finish, you feel a true sense of victory that few other moments in gaming can match.

Tell us about how you've beaten the most famous achievement or trophy in gaming history. 25G has never felt so good. Leave a comment or a video marking how you beat the Mile High Club.

And for the love of all that is sacred, don't kill the hostage.

7 thoughts on “How Did You Beat Mile High Club?

  1. If I recall correctly, I believe I used a combination of flashbangs and the MP5. Before I got I completed it though, there was one attempt where I got to the hostage part, but accidentally hit the hostage. I was like http://myfacewhen.com/4/

  2. It took me heaps of tries to finish it, and i had a hostage situation like the first post, but the interesting thing was one day when i was lagging badly, i replayed the mission and did it first try!

  3. i remember one day i saw on the xbox dashboard they had their way of doing it, and whilst watching it, i thought to myself, ‘this is exactly how i tried to do it, and yet i failed’. after seeing them completing it with almost my exact method, i fired up COD4, and gave it another shot, did it on my second attempt, after shooting the VIP first time.

  4. Took me 5 hours of constant retrying and even after getting to the end twice I shot the v.i.p both times because of my standard quality television. Run in, knife bathroom guy, keep left, pistol guy ahead with one shot in the head, throw flashbang, turn to the right to avoid the flash and switch to the machine gun, turn back, mow down all the blinded enemies swiftly, next area, take a breath, throw a flashbang and pray it blinds who i need it to blind, bolt to the piece of wood in front of the first row of seats, kill the guy on my right, spray back and forth on the piece of wood killing everyone behind it. 30 seconds left at the stair at this point and then I wing it without a strategy.

    What pissed me off was that it took me 5 hours to the early morning doing it for myself but next day I go over to my friends house and do it on my 3rd try.

    1. LOL that usually how it goes. Try for five hours and fail. Then watch your lil brother do it in two tries or something stupid like that

  5. Took me a long time to get it my first time. Used a Youtube guide at first because I was getting frustrated, and it helped a bit. The beginning half (the first 20 seconds or so) was fairly easy, but the the next 35 were frustrating. It wasn’t until I realized there were THREE extra flashbangs in the second floor minibar before I realized I could just spam the flash and beat it. After that, it was really easy. Helped some friends get the achievements because I knew how to do it.

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