I still weep for this game.

With the announcement of Resident Evil Revival, the HD revisions of Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4, it bought to my attention the recent influx of HD remakes hitting the market. Do you think developers are running out of ideas and are just trying to make a quick buck of off popular franchises, or are they truly interested in improving the classics that we grew up on.

No more fog you say?

HD remakes of some of our favorite games could either be a resounding success or a humiliating failure. There are many games the community have been clamoring for, for years. Remember when SquareEnix showcased their Final Fantasy VII tech demo about 5 years ago? Gamers across the world wet themselves in anticipation of one of the greatest games of all time being retold with modern technology, though SquareEnix has no plans on making this happen (please make it happen!!!). Every E3 there is a rampant rumor about a remake of Killer Instinct to drop on Xbox Live Arcade. Even right now, with the 1oth anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved, the forums are going crazy with a rumored update. All these properties would make their respective publishers millions off the strength of their name alone. But the quality has to be done right.

Best HD update ever

What should an HD remake include? Well naturally, updated visuals that support many of the high definition televisions many of us have, upgrade the sound and music so it has CD/DVD/Blu-Ray quality, and tweak out some of the issues gamers may have. After all, games that played great 10-15 years ago might not transition over so smoothly. A great example of this would be Capcom's revision of its classic, Super Street fighter II Turbo: HD Remix. The game featured visuals done by the artist at Udon (who also handle the  Street Fighter comic), updated music, and certain little nuances have been changed (Guile's upside down kick is now an overhead). Bionic Commando: Rearmed is another great example of this, by adding 3D visuals and an excellent soundtrack, it gives players the sense of playing a new game while retaining that classic feel.


Changing too much however, could ruin a great game. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled is an example of this. What was once considered the greatest beat-em up of all time got the HD treatment with new graphics and gameplay. However neither transitioned well and the game just didn't feel as fluid when compared to its arcade predecessor. The release of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was met with mixed reaction, when Capcom promised HD support, but didn't upgrade the visuals like in HD Remix.

One of many games I'd like to see remade.

The God Of War collection released on PS3 was a success, selling 900,000 copies, which tell me the gamers do want upgraded versions of their favorite titles. The trick is to make these old games fun again while still adding new elements. With Beyond Good and Evil HD being released, and Team Ico bringing their PS2 classics to PS3, hopefully it will lead other publishers to try make these games better. What game do you feel should get the HD treatment?

3 thoughts on “Are HD Remakes Just A Quick Cash In Or Are They Gamer’s Dreams Come True

  1. Glad to see this addressed, and yes , you don’t need a PHD in business to understand the motivation behind the so called “HD Remakes”, its $$$, and nothing else. This entire industry is about $$, hence the lack of creativity , and not 1OUNCE of it is EVER about the pleasing the customer, i think alot of people who actually develop the games, care,but unfortunately, their employers(the Publisher,etc), ultimately only see the $$$.

    1. What ManAnimalX says is true, not only in gaming, but every creative aspect brought to the commercial forefront. Music, movies, etc… But every once and a while you get a game, movie, etc, that is special regardless of motivation. Ie. Shadow of Colossus, God of War(1,2, and3), Crysis…and the list goes on. And the remakes I think are a gimmicky but still cool. If you don’t like em, don’t buy em. NUFF SAID.

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